* Like all places of worship, we are not meeting together physically. Instead, we have an online meeting twice a week on Wednesday evenings and Sabbath (Saturday) mornings.  If you would like to join us, please get in touch!

*About half of our members are in the ‘high risk’ group, and so are being shielded at home, most of the rest are keyworkers. The others are doing what they can to care for others in need.

* Advice on keeping your spirits up, and even using the opportunities this lockdown presents can be found on our mental health page.

If you need help with collecting prescriptions or shopping during this time, please call the Isle of Wight Coronavirus helpline – the local council are coordinating the volunteering efforts on the Island to meet these needs.  We are doing what we can to support this effort.


We are a small group, who are converting an old supermarket building into a community centre in the heart of Lake.  This building is not ours – it will be here for the community – a safe place to meet new friends and old, learn new skills, celebrate, comfort each other and relax in.  We will also be using the centre each week to hold Christian meetings where we study the Bible together and worship God.  All are welcome to join us.

The site of our community centre-to-be in Lake.


We understand that in our modern, secular world, many may be unfamiliar with who Jesus really was, what he tried to teach us and the hope he offers us.  We aim to make his teachings easy to understand, and practical for daily life.

Please feel free to explore this site, watch some videos, and explore our resources.  But we would really love you to visit us and say hi!



Some of the group at a picnic in Ventnor park (before the Coronavirus outbreak!)